5 Android Games to Try That You Didn’t Know Existed

Mobile games could be explained as video games that are played on tablets, graphing calculator, smartphones or on feature phones. However, to play an android game, your device must be running on Android operating systems. There are some android games which are all fantastic. Headed by Google, Open handset alliance has regularly introduced newer games. Below are 5 Android Games to Try That You Didn’t Know Existed.

5 Android Games to Try That You Didn’t Know Existed.

1. Alto’s Odyssey

2. Suzy Cube

3. Deepwater

4. Brawl Stars

5. Harry Potter

 Alto’s Odyssey

This is a game worth your time. Alto’s Odyssey has swapped his usual snowboard. In a wall riding sand board, he exposes you to the tropical. The game has a lot of challenges just for you. In this game, you will unravel and explore many worlds. Alto’s Odyssey has random levels making every challenge a thrill. For all android users, here is a free game for you!!

 Suzy Cube

Suzy cube is simply an awesome 3D jumping game. Upon the podium, you navigate through a wonderful adventure. As a player you aim to the last checkpoint, along the way through, face the monsters as you gather hidden stars and gold coins.

 Brawl Stars

In Brawl star, you plunge into your most preferred game mode and just play games with your comrades. In the match you blow them, shoot them, and punch them as a result of this, you win the brawl. The game has the battles done in various game modes:

Showdown – here you either play single or with a friend. The last brawler to be standing wins.

Gem –Grab – here you gather gems as you battle the opposite team. The winner is the team that collects ten gems and manages to hold them.

Heist- here the opponents battle for loot in a safe. The team that keeps the loot wins.

Bounty- with this game, you gather stars for your team by eliminating contestants, though careful and not letting them pull you off. At the end of the game, if your team has many stars, then you win.

Brawl Ball- This is a ballgame of a kind. The determining factor is which team manages to score dual goals before they are blown up.

  Deep waters

The game deep waters give an aquatic experience. You plunge deep down into the water- logged cave which is full of jellyfish. The challenge needs you to dodge the jellyfish as you gather air bubbles while you go as deeper as possible. As you dive, the lighting effects bring more excitement. This is because you are to cast light and continue deep down. However, the light gradually dims until you manage to collect an air bubble.

 Harry Potter

Hogwarts mystery is a video game. The game is based on the series J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter.

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