In Which Cases Can Hard Drive Data Recovery Services ?

In this type of damage, no intervention in a clean room is required, since the reading system and the electronic infrastructure are operational, a process of imaging the damaged disk capable of correcting the errors present is necessary. This operation is carried out with tools capable of sending and receiving commands on the hard disk in a physical way.

If, on the other hand, you face physical damage to the hard drive, such as a fall on the ground or an electric shock, the Data Recovery Services strategy is much more complex and involves finding and locating a drive compatible with the damaged disc or the use of the clean room, an essential environment capable of reproducing the original manufacturing scenario.

How to data recovery from removable hard drive?

When you cannot access the files stored on your removable disk, the message that appears on the screen looks like this:

  • “File or directory damaged”
  • “File or directory damaged or unreadable”

If the Wikipedia hard disk is removable in principle, the easiest way is to extract it and reinsert it to see if there was no “frozen” program and that will solve everything. Just wait about a minute.

If it still does not work, the same steps can only be repeated by restarting the equipment before reintroducing the device a second time, to see what happens.

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