Data Recovery : How To Service Your Broken PC Data

Dropping your laptop is presumably the worst scenario you can Data Recovery imagine. Most people who have had the unfortunate experience of doing the same have stated that they were almost sure it would not work again. The truth is that a laptop may work or not work after it has been dropped. With this in mind, there are things you should take into consideration the moment you have dropped the laptop.

For starters, you may realize that you may have a lot of Data Recovery on the device. This may include some music files, important documents and photos. You may want to recover these items, but you may not be sure if your hard disk was damaged or if something else went wrong when the laptop fell.

Before you decide to consult with an expert and spending some money on the same, you can use the following tips to find out if your laptop can be repaired. Begin by listening to your hard drive when you boot the computer. If you happen to hear a continuous click or grinding noise, chances are high that the hard disk was damaged during the fall. In such a scenario, you should avoid any DIY attempts at repairing the same.

The second step is removing your hard drive. Hard drives are found in different spots depending on the laptop brand. Use your user manual to find out where your hard disk is located. If you do not have one, you can download it from the internet by using the laptop make and model. If you jut can use any of the above alternatives, flip the laptop over carefully and unscrew each cover at a time until you locate it.

Data Recovery

Generally they are less than half an inch thick, four inches wide by three inches long. Once you locate it, remove it from your computer. You will now need to get a USB hard drive adapter in order to connect the hard disk to another computer. They are available in most computer stores and do not exceed. Get the adapter and fix it your laptop. Now look for another computer so that you can use it to access your hard disk. 

Connect the hard drive to the computer and it will show up as another hard disk. Access the drive, and if nothing is damaged, you should be able to Facebook access your files. You may need to work on it since it will not look the same as it did on your computer. Since there are no major changes, you will find your files and folders exactly where they are supposed to be. 

Finish by transferring the files you want from the laptop’s hard disk to the computer you are using. This is the best way to back up your hard disk. If you fail to do so, you will be risking the loss of your files. It is therefore important to make sure you back these files as they will ensure you do not lose you Data Recovery in case the laptop fails or drops again. 

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